A Catch In Time

In one moment a global blackout occurs, and six billion humans become unconscious. During this brief yet seemingly eternal three-minutes, a series of catastrophic events occurs, and minds collide with truths hidden beyond the physical realm.

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With the reawakening comes a drastically and horrifically altered world; populations decimated and social order gutted. No one seems to remember the truth that has been revealed in the blackout or that this discovery could save or destroy the human race. No one that is except Laura.

As she and her small band navigate the post blackout landscape of birth mutations, cold-eyed survivors, and religious zealots, Laura must figure out how to convince others of the truth before evil takes care of what is left of the world.

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  • Language : English
  • ISBN : 978-0-9913635-2-0
  • Released : May 2014

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