A king’s death creates a war of succession that will carve a bloody trail through noble families and commoners alike. The sea captain of the Black Wind is forced into the service of a powerful Earl. Ensnared in a tangle of bargains and betrayal, the captain and his crew fight for survival, finding allies in the unlikeliest of places.

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A crofter hunts for his missing sons at the peril of his life and honor, while a war-hungry miller follows his lord to battle. Hungry and exhausted, both men will find they are but disregarded pawns in the game of politics.

Far in the north, the commander of the Titan Guard travels to the edges of civilization to enlist the help of barbarian giants known as the Marchers. But such aid comes at a cost, and the price of victory may spell doom for all.

Duty. Honor. Conquest. The Roads to Baldairn Motte.

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  • Released : December 2013

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